California State Seal of Civic Engagement

The State Seal of Civic Engagement in California & in SLUSD

The California State Seal of Civic Engagement is a seal affixed to graduating seniors' transcripts that signifies civic learning through academics and community engagement.   Civic learning promotes the ideals of knowledge, participation in civic and democratic processes, and addressing of public problems to strengthen communities.  In SLUSD, we develop students who are ready for this call: critical thinkers and communicators with healthy minds and bodies, who demonstrate ethical and cultural leadership in collaboration with each other and their communities.  We want to see our students understand how many societies work so they can practice participating and taking informed action themselves.

To earn the State Seal, a student must

See the California Department of Education ( for additional implementation guidance for each of the criteria.

Why You Should Apply for the State Seal of Civic Engagement

You're the kind of person who cares for your community, knows how people can participate in the community, and has shown your knowledge and care through action of your own.  YOU DESERVE RECOGNITION!  

That recognition will go a long way: employers and colleges want to hire and admit folks who care!  The State Seal is an award that you can point to as evidence of your knowledge, your participation, and your care for the community.

Did we mention the bling?  When you meet the requirements, you'll receive:

What Counts as Civic Engagement?

Check out this list for examples of activities that you can include in your application.  Remember, this list doesn't cover everything!  If your participation addresses real-world problems having to do with the rights and responsibilities of our community, then you can include it!

Application and Due Dates

Click below to see the 2022-2023 application. The deadline has been extended to Friday, May 19, 2023.