Applying for the State Seal of CiviC Engagement

Understand the Criteria

Watch this short video to learn about the SLUSD Criteria

Review the Checklist

Make sure you have everything below to begin your application.


Download a PDF copy of your transcript from within Aeries.  

Letter of Reference

Request a reference from a teacher, an organizational leader or a mentor in or outside of school who can speak to your civic involvement, your civic-mindedness and commitment to the classroom, school, community or society.  Click Here for Reference Form  (Right-click the link and choose "copy link address."  Then email the link to your reference.)

Evidence of Participation

Participation includes, but is not limited to:

You may have also participated in events or activities not listed here, so feel free to check-in with a teacher to check.

Gather any evidence of your participation in civic events and activities.  Photographs, video, documents you've written or created, and social media posts you've contributed are all examples of what you could include as evidence.

Reflection about your Participation

We want to know what you've learned from your experiences.  You can write a reflection, make a selfie-video, create a slideshow, a podcast - you can be creative!  Answer the following three questions in your reflection: 

How You Will Be Assessed

Your contributions, knowledge, and reflections will be evaluated according to the rubric linked here.  Please review the rubric to assess your application prior to submission.

Important Dates and Timeline

An updated timeline will be provided soon...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply for the State Seal?  What will it do for me?

The State Seal of Civic Engagement is an award that will demonstrate that you know about, care about, and are involved in how our community runs.  Employers and colleges want to hire and admit folks who care!  The State Seal is an award that you can point to as evidence of your knowledge, your participation, and your care for the community.

How many activities do I have to do?

We are not looking for a set number of activities or experiences.   You might have participated in one event that required many hours of preparation, or participated in many small events that required little preparation.  It's not the quantity, but the quality.  You will need to demonstrate that you have met all five criteria to earn the seal, no matter the number of activities.

What if I'm not sure my activities count as civic engagement?

Use the definitions and criteria on the home page as your guide.  If you feel that your participation has met those definitions, then you should feel comfortable including those activities in your application.  Still unsure after that?  Have a conversation with your counselor or a teacher to double check.

My grades were not always the highest.  Will that stop me from earning the State Seal of Civic Engagement?

No!  You should still apply!  Being engaged academically is only one of the five criteria, not what this whole award is about.  You can show academic engagement by demonstrating how your grades improved over time in one or more classes.  Additionally, academic learning takes place both in and out of the high school community, so you can demonstrate and talk about learning you've done in spaces outside of the school.